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We have recently obtained ICE BEAR in the Arab countries and the Middle East. Our company is proud to offer you the highly efficient ICE BEAR liquid to prevent ice formation and remove it from the engine in the winter winter as well as to reduce engine temperature in the summer .
The highly effective ICE BEAR antifreeze has revolutionized the world of antifreeze fluids. . ..
As it has a definite effect in maintaining the heat of the engine throughout the year and in all seasons, not to mention that it prevents the formation of rust and ice.
This antifreeze was used in the oil spill in the Bay of Seagull to remove the ice in the borehole at 1500 m below sea level.
The antifreeze is used to maintain engine heat in vehicles and generators. It is also used in solar energy appliances, industrial refrigerators, and many other large applications.
The results of the ICE BEAR test in the Industrial Services Company within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are shown below

100 % Std method Ethylene glycol 1
99.20 % GC METHANOL 2

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