Since its establishment in 1974, the company has been able to gain a lot of experience and reliability

The company has opened a number of freight lines to several foreign countries namely Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Riyadh) United Arab Emirates and opened our new line to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Shipping is done in whole or in part to the goods and is carried on a daily basis from the warehouse of the exporter to the warehouse of the importer in addition to carrying out all the clearance and transportation of shipments. We offer many services in this field, starting from the selection of the best lines with high reliability and the most suitable prices, through the follow-up of the itinerary, the stages of its transport and the completion of its safe arrival.

Having gained a lot of experience, reliability and reputation, the company has restructured its business to international standards and the company has focused its policy on the following priorities:
  1. Its adoption in its work on the latest technological and technical methods.
  2.  The presence of a specialized administrative staff and an experienced technical staff.
  3. Providing competitive and competitive prices for all types of goods.
  4. The speed of the arrival of the goods to its sanctuary with any emergency follow-up immediately.
  5. The company continuously insures data and information about the itinerary, transit times and arrival.
  6. The company is keen to take care of the goods and maintain them in order to reach their destination safely safe.
  7. To ensure receipt of goods transfers permanently according to accurate letters of inquiry.
  8. The relentless pursuit of opening new lines satisfy the need of customers and customers.
We note that we are ready to meet the requests of shipping and special travelers with the possibility of providing the clearance service and the completion of all customs transactions at the competent customs and border points related. We are pleased to receive your views and suggestions for anything that would improve our business and reach us with the highest degree of reliability and commitment to our customers and customers.

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